Hi, I'm Danilo.

I'm a Berlin based passionate UI & Web Designer.

I’ve been creating clean and elegant designs for agencies, start-ups and businesses for the last 5 years professionally. I'll let you know more about me further down, so let’s first have a sneak peek into some of my open work and personal projects...

About me

I’m passionate about planning and designing Webpages, UI and Apps. Frontend Coding attracted me since I first tried it in 2001, as well as taking analogue photos. Slowly I came to make my first steps into the world of Design. Creating and composing things quickly became my passion. For me, design is everywhere and in everything, therefore I pay strong attention to even the smallest bits of
creative work.

5 years of design work experience and 2 years of fulltime freelancing as a Designer gave me the chance to work with awesome clients such as EyeEm, KKLD*, BMW, Panasonic, Vodafone, TBOinteractive, AOK, Pro7Sat.1 and many other great partners.

Danilo Bittorf Web & UI Design

Are you looking for me?

Then we should talk! If you have an exciting project, a problem that needs to be solved with good design or if you need assistance, feel free to drop me a line
to let me know how I can help you.

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